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1.3 BILLION FACEBOOK Accounts Worldwide Have Been Shut Down

Hello everyone if you are one of many who have been banned from Facebook you’re not alone. Over 1.3 billion accounts worldwide banned over the last 6 months from April and they claim its fake accounts however I’ve seen lots of people lose their long-time accounts that have been there for over a decade. We have seen this before in companies Facebook is no different it is self-destructing. Here is why it is self-destructing is because the owner Mark Zuckerberg is sick of being in court and hearing with also being brought in front of Congress. Ask yourself this if this was happening to you what would you do if you wear in his shoes? We get the picture loud and clear Facebook won’t be here forever the question is for how long? With Facebook taking people’s right to freedom of speech and the rights to share what you want as long as it’s not porn there needs to be a better option. 

We are now working with a new social network its feels like Facebook but without getting banned or kicked for no reason. I ask the people well you still can join The Underground Social Network this new website is great. Not as busy as the others yet but that will change fast in the first day alone, they got over 300 members. I ask for you to come to join something that can help share this post everywhere you can and let’s grow across the world and not let free speech be taken from us or common sense. 

Join The Underground Social Network

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