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$21.2 Million CEO Scott Bacheldor of Canund Social Network Takes on Big Tech; Defending Your Freedom Of Speech!!

Canund is worth $21 200 000.00 as of Aug 5, 2019

This article is a brief introduction and a casual Q and A period between Scott Bacheldor, CEO of, and Martin Smith, Director of security for Canund.  We also want to take this time to thank all of our new users who have discovered us through the occasional attention the media has been granting us.

For almost a year now, we have been on the IoT, and we have been offering a potential alternative to Big Tech social networks.  We have seen unfair and biased application of terms from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and others on the grounds of ‘public safety’ which has had a sharp and opposite effect as intended. 

The West is now more violent and sectarian…

We have stepped up to try and offer some reliability and stability in the wake of this for those who have had their business pages unfairly removed, been censored from other social media, or are just simply here on principles of liberty and secularism.

Scott and I had a casual conversation about this which included a brief Q and A period, where I asked Scott to introduce Canund to you all, and to outline what our goals are; (questions in bold)

Marty: What motivated you to form Canund initially?

Scott:  Before I started, I formed a political party, Republic Party of Canada a few years ago to make Canada a better place.  Long story short; Facebook responded by banning 30+ people, pages, and groups because we were growing too fast overnight.  I think someone felt threatened, and at that point I realised Facebook couldn’t be trusted as demonstrated by Facebook interfering with Canadian politics.

Marty: That sounds like as good a motivator as any, you know, and it’s good to see someone who is willing to act instead of complain on the internet about it…

Scott: Ya we started off as ‘The Underground Social Network’ initially, but when we incorporated, we went with Canund Social Network, because that was what the domain was…

Marty: Did you expect to meet this much success initally, or were you expecting to do this longer?

Scott: Initially, I just expected a few hundred Canadian patriots to come together and be able to communicate with one another, and that was it at first.  We kept growing and growing however, and we had to change our format as the weeks went by.  I realised we (all free speech advocates) are all fighting the same battle, so it’s not just for Canada; It’s for the world as well.

Marty: What makes Canund stand out from Facebook, Twitter, and the others?

Scott:  Well the uniqueness of our site is, well it does have the same ‘familiarity’ of Facebook, but at the same time there’s familiarities with Twitter, but there are things which makes us separate, like we have features where you can upgrade your account, feature your account, find potentially a unlimited number of friends or followers, promote business pages, etc.  We also have a rewards program which is pretty cool, and a points system.  If you (as a user) recruit more users for us, you would earn points.  Points can be used to purchase our merchandise, promote posts or your profile, buy cryptocurrency, or upgrade to a Pro Account.

Marty: That’s good, that’s good; Now what about these issues:  The one thing I think is really crippling social media right now is, it is becoming this mob-rule, like mob-rule, anarchic place, where these individual so-called ‘platforms’ are now starting to censor in such idiotic ways. 

Marty: What could Canund do to help break that cycle?

Scott: Well, we already have a way with how we do not have flag buttons.  We do have a report system, but no one can anonymously report you in an effort to knock you off the board for no legitimate reason. (mass-flagging/brigading) If someone breaks the rules, we do have a report system, but not the traditional way where it is anonymous.  This can work the other way with false reports which enables us to ban people for harassment of other users.

Marty: That’s something which initially made Canund attractive to me as well; The will to promote Canund as a platform, like as in a private online utility as opposed to a content creator which permits like-minded individuals, and censors all others.  This (Canund) is something I believe is necessary in Canada; Not just Canada really.  The whole world needs this utility so we can (help) get free speech and discourse back.  If we can’t argue amongst ourselves in a civilised fashion, we will (instead) argue with violence and savagery; I mean those are our choices.

Scott: Well the bright side of Canund too is that if you don’t like what people are doing, there a simple button called ‘block’. 

Marty: Yes!

Scott: You move on; You block and you move on.  Mind you if you block everyone, you will be a very lonely guy on the network, but that comes down to it; You block and you move on.  You (users) aren’t going to get along with everyone, we know that, but it’s interesting how all these people came over from all these other social media sites they’ve been banned from; All these apparent bad people, but they’re not.  They actually behave very well, and they follow the rules; I mean the basic rules are simple.  No nudity/pornography, no abuse of staff or admins, no scamming and no harassment to the point it becomes criminal.

Marty: Yup, the Terms of Service are available to look at on the main login page, you can review them once you’re in, and it explains things simply and very clearly what we expect from our users, I like that, and one last thing I would say (ask) is;

Marty: What would you describe as the one thing to keep sacred; I said free speech instead of conflict, but in your own words, what do you think on that matter?

Scott: I would say two things; The no-censorship thing, I mean we do have censorship, but it is nowhere near what other social media sites do…

Marty: Yes, that is a point there, but why do we (Canund) censor the way we do?

Scott: We censor adult content and porn because there is youth on the site, and they do not need to be exposed to pornography or nudity any earlier than they need to.  That’s coming from me as a father.  I don’t want my kids to see that.  Me being a Christian has nothing to do with that, I say that as a parent.  I want other parents to feel their kids are safe on the network without having extra issues.

Marty: As an atheist and a secularist, I can (still) agree with that on other grounds.  I understand that pornography is a very useful tool to groom children into perverted lifestyles, like now we are seeing run rampant all over the West particularly in places where people don’t seem concerned for the welfare of children at all.  We see it on the news with 11 year old drag kids up on like legitimate stripper stages; This isn’t a mock party with the kid playing around with make-up, he is being put on stage surrounded by adult men dancing for their sexual entertainment.

Scott: Ya that is just wrong altogether as it is…

Marty: …and I am glad that we formed ourselves up as a social media platform where there is zero tolerance for that kind of child grooming. 

Marty: Well that’s all I have, but do you have any final thought for us?

Scott: Well the biggest things are to come.  We just announced as of today (5 Aug, 2019) that our estimated value is $21 200 000.00 US for our company, you know we keep growing.  It is a great time to invest, and we have so much more to come with the network.  Between Live Talk Radio, new messenger apps coming, live audio/video calling, I mean our network is going to explode.  We got 10 000 users within the first 10 months, It took Gab 1 1/2 years to hit that mark, and we offer a unique rewards program.  They also have stock for sale and can be found here

I believe the people who help build the network should be rewarded before the large businesses are.  You can get items from us for points, and users can do whatever they want with them; Use them, sell them, use them for Christmas, etc., because without these users, we would have nothing.  Big Tech seems to think that they are owed something, when in reality it is the other way around.  Corporations are nothing without the people’s business.

Marty: Absolutely.  Thank you Scott for your time here.

…and thank you, our users.  We are nothing without you!

Join Canund Social Network great place to grow and have fun.

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