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5 Million Plus To Become Homeless Because Of The Carbon Tax Over The Next 2 Years!!!

With over 6 million seniors barely making it by and over 5 million low income families as well as 4 million on social benefits across Canada barely making it by and 2 million on divisibility. this puts 17 million of our most vulnerable people at a very high risk of becoming homeless. We already have over 1 million plus Homeless across Canada. We also already have the fasted growing homeless rate now we will have the new record of the most homeless percentage wise for a first world nation. 

The $300 to $600 extra a year they give to people in the 4 provinces is the biggest joke of all as it won’t barely cover everything going up across the board. This involves food, gas heating, power, water, clothing, item`s, Schools, hospitals, and much more. 

This government keeps Steeling from the people and then giving billions of our hard-earned dollars over seas. If we don`t have a real government soon Canada won’t make it more than 5 to 10 years. This will easily end up worse than the dirty 30`s. 

Will it be the USA that saves Canada or will it be The Canadian Community Project INC. Or will we finally a True leader step up to the plate. I believe our best option is the CCP Program.

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