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Another Victim On Manitoba Child Protective Services

Another victim of Manitoba child protective services. Missis Louise her only crime was being victim of abuse in a past relationship 5 years prior and not leaving the man when CFS. She has not been with the man for over 4 years now according to misses Louise. When we talked she identified as a metis woman And she feels that the CFS targeted her beacuse we was a women of color.

CFS in Manitoba has been the worst shame in our country’s history. It’s been proven that only 1 in 20 kids need to be in care and they have kids living out of hotels. This cooperation called CFS is a rogue entity they have politicians scared to go against them police and many more services across the province of Manitoba. The legal kidnapping has become a very profitable business when they get from $280,000.00 a year up to $500,000 a kid per year. This depends on Race if you are full native they get way more for funding for just a caucasian child.

CBC, Goloba News, APTN and many more news have reported on this over the last years.

We have approached 2 politicians MLA Len Isleifson and MP Robert Falcon-Ouellette Who the family claims they have been working with. MLA Len Isleifson said I cannot discuss individual cases. He also suggested we talk to another MLA for media. MP Robert Falcon-Ouellette could not be reached for comment.

MR Will Boon The Father Made this statement and would like the public to read this.

Hi my name is Will Boon, my better half, Chantelle and I are about to have a little boy, she may go into labor today because of the stress. I have received a call from michif CFS saying they need to apprehend, they refuse to explain why. I know why. Chantelle was in an extremely abusive relationship over 5 years ago. Instead of going after Jordan Higgin they focused on her for not leaving the abuser, the CFS worker that is accusing chantelle was promoted to the child abuse registry. Jordan has a violent history, their testimonies about that day corroborate that he was watching Neveah at the time of the assault, the doctors exam says it happened while chantelle was sleeping. I have been to court with her as her support, I have seen Karen Webb and Jack Cram take a joking bet on the outcome before it began, I was there and heard CFSs own lawyers say they know Jordan caused the majority of the injuries and that they are only going after chantelle for scratching her chin and not leaving him soon enough. I heard the judge say he doesn’t see enough evidence against her to be placing her on a child abuse registry, yet somehow after his decision she still made the list because CFS had a worker promoted to that committee. Chantelle is not a danger to anyone, we all know this. Cfs had her placed on the abuse registry to try to corroborate their story. But now they have come for our son and refuse to tell me why. I Am the father, I deserve to know why they’re trying to traffic my child now too. They trafficked Neveah for the money and now they’re trying to do it again. We need help, this is CHILD TRAFFICKING! Update – We had court again today, it was pushed back again until may 24th at 9 am. I have a lot if questions and noone wants to answer any of them. I keep being asked to retain a lawyer however in doing so I would have be quiet, no more posts or messages to news agencies etc. Update – I was rejected for legal aid because as a tattoo artist I cannot prove my income…. Legal aid would be of no use anyway they are complicit. CFS apprehends, they get a job, it’s their bread and butter it’s in their best interest to drag it out and be useless. I have a list of questions and whether I have an expensive lawyer or cheap or even legal aid it makes no difference I want answers.Chantelle as well, she is the sweetest girl she would never hurt anyone and they know this, but they cant keep Neveah unless they focus on chantelle, now they’ve taken my son to try to corroborate…..this is corrupt. I will definitely email, I don’t know what else to do, all of this is being done to keep chantelle’s daughter if its found out that’s almost 6 years of cases that will be investigated (and need to be) they can’t say why they’ve taken my son with no warning, while breastfeeding, taken 3 hours away and it’s too inconvenient to bring him for visits….why am I in visits? Why can’t I see Lucien outside these visits? Why is my son and I being punished for Jordans abuse? Update – We have had another court date, it has been remanded until June 28th now but will be open court so hopefully we can get people in there to see what they are trying to get away with. They do not want to answer any questions, they are providing no updates about my son Lucien. I have been called Jordan Higgin now, his name has been on the last 3 dockets. I know if I didn’t show there would be a warrant for arrest so what’s going on here? CFS is railroading Chantelle to keep her daughter. Jordan cannot be around his other children due to violent behavior and psychopathic tendencies…..hmmm wonder what’s going on here? I have had my rights as a father completely dismissed. They refuse to answer any of my questions and its because it implicates them every time in trafficking her daughter and now they have taken my son based on that abusive relationship because she didn’t leave him soon enough. Seriously?! Yes they are actually blaming the abused woman in that situation. so…….what HE did is ok? No that’s 6 years of CFS cases that need to be investigated so they are doing anything they can to keep Neveah….even taking my son Lucien. We need help, we need to get the word out, we need people there June 28th Brandon Manitoba courthouse to see their corruption. update cfs is refusing to feed my son the amount required for his age at 2 months he should be at 4-5oz/feeding, cfs is only allowing 2 oz/feeding. we went to his family doctor and got a note from him stating he needs to be fed at least 3 oz/feeding for proper weight gain. cfs went to another doctor to get him to say he only needs 2 oz…..seriously what is wrong with these people? we need help! this is so wrong, an 1/8th of children in CFS “care”, die every year…..I’m so worried for my son Lucien Update We had court june 28th, it has been 2 and a half months, they cannot tell me why they have taken my son, they don’t want to speak to me and the docket says Jordan’s name still….

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