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Canadian Unions declare war on the PC party

Unifor represents 315,000 workers across Canada – from every region of the country. Each region, including Quebec, is represented on Unifor’s National Executive Board by a Regional Director, as well as a rank and file Regional Council Chairperson. National President of Unifor Jerry Dias is attacking the PC Government because he and until anyone else on the Unifor Board Of 25 Representatives calls him out on it they all support him fully, and are not happy about Ford. Unifor are now cozening up to the Media reporters. This is a…

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7 Things that went horribly wrong for the United Nations from child sex trafficking to funding wars world wide.

Formed at the conclusion of World War II, the United Nations seeks to maintain international security and peace, while developing friendly relations amongst nations. Consisting of 192 members (for now), the UN has been largely successful in ending various conflicts and wars. Despite their success, they have also witnessed a number of catastrophic failures, resulting in millions of innocent civilian deaths. Below are ten failures of the UN since its inception. #1 Terrorism Many experts agree that “modern” terrorism began with the 1968 hijacking of El Al Israel Flight 426…

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Canadian Combat Coalition to hold True Patriots Vigil For Victims Of Terrorism

The National President of Canadian combat coalition’s Dan Dubois says “This is a Vigil for Patriots and Groups to gather for prayer to pay our condolences and respects to all those affected by terrorism worldwide’. On Sunday, September 9 at 3 PM – 6 PM at the location of Danforth Ave and Logan Ave, Toronto. JDL,(Jewish Defence League) will be co-hosting this event. Dunn Ryan McLean,(Ontario Vice-President of C3) said “We encourage all groups, organisations and individuals to come with peace and love in their hearts we are calling a…

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