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Big Media Victimize Local Mom

A victim of a brutal attack on June 27, 2019 at wonderland Ontario, the worst part of this all is that when this Brandy was attacked the media attacked her as well going out of their way to make it seem like a hate crime.  These following papers went and victimized a mother who was standing up for her child. CTV city CBC Toronto sun, Ottawa sun, breakfast television, there’s allot more and no one of the papers apologized for their mistake in helping victimize a local mom. I asked Brandy to send me what happened we will share her story below thanks.  

Thursday June 27 I was at wonderland with a group of 11. 5 children, 6 adults. The children are 9,5,5,4 and 1. I was re entering the park after lunch with 2/4 of my children ages 4 and 5 when a women pushed my son and went In front of us in line. I called her an asshole and she walked away. Then from behind, me a group of roughly 15 women and a leader of the group the aggressive women, screaming asshole, asshole what? So I turned around and said “yes I called your friend an asshole for pushing my son and being ignorant” and I proceeded to walk away, she started screaming at me, “fuck you and fuck your kids” so I turned back around and told her fuck me and fuck my kids? Really and then called her a fat bitch. She called me a crack bitch and I turned around to proceed into wonderland. At this point the group of women surrounded me and my two small children, my family which were already threw the gates started noticing what was happening, my sister walked up to the group and told them to back off and stop, then she walked away thinking they got the hint. Nope, they continued to swarm around me screaming at me and the kids. At this point my boyfriend, the children’s father seen what was going on and came to my side, he stepped In front of me and started yelling back at the women and her group to back off and get out of here, she then spit in my boyfriends face, he spit back In hers and told her to go back to where she came from. Then she tried to smash him in the face with a slushy cup and he grabbed the cup, the drink going all over him, she then used her other fist to try and punch him and his mom grabbed her, she grabbed my mother inlaw by her hair and dragged her to the ground, then an altercation broke out between the two groups which was quickly separated by security. There was a 3 hour detainment and investigation with both groups, the park and York region police and they concluded it was a mutual assault not a criminal assault, no charges were laid on either group. My group received a full refund and we were all removed from the park. Fast forward to Sunday all mainstream media were advertising a hate crime and racial motivated assault at wonderland. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook had photos and videos of my family, and not one person asked for our side. I decided to do an interview with Peter Salemi and it had a lot of reach. A lot of support. My story was finally heard.

Yesterday I was contacted by York region police they had meetings with the hate crime unit the NCCM and lawyers. The investigation is now closed, no charges will be laid. However no mainstream media have recanted their story’s nor apologized for putting my family nationwide as racists, we’ve received countless threats and harm on our family and children, all from false claims. It’s absolutely horrifying.

Join Peter Salemi Live for whole Story.

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