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Canada Now Has The Fastest Growing Homeless Rate Worldwide 1 Million+

Canada Now Has The Fastest Growing Homeless Rate Worldwide. with Canada now having over 1 million homeless across Canada how does the Canadian government deal with it we bring in more people. This is one of the biggest epidemics ever. With 1/3 children under 18 that are homeless across Canada, this is a problem that can be fixed but all three political parties refuse to listen to any new plans to help. As thousands of families go homeless weekly across Canada all we are concerned about is bring more people in. We need to help out people first. Like the Canadian Community Project, for example, has a great way to help the people and it’s not just another handout. I will always be impressed on how they managed to turn the new system out to help others I really suggest that people visit their website and donate to help as they are such a great organization to help throws it needs. 

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6 Thoughts to “Canada Now Has The Fastest Growing Homeless Rate Worldwide 1 Million+”

  1. Polina

    Hello , author of this story

    I am immigrant in Canada and I’m very angry about what you wrote here.
    You say that Canada shouldn’t bring more immigrants, but all immigrants that coming have money and aducation, whereas refugees that you bring from Arabic countries, are without money, aducation and culture.
    So stop bring refugees and give chence for culture and educated people to come.
    I’m impressed by your thoughts of helping people, but as one smart said , don’t move illness from ill head on healthy one.

  2. John Scott

    We are happy to have people who come in a legal way and yes we need to stop bringing in refugees for the moment and help our own people first. People who come here the legal way earn there right to be here and they are not a drain on the system.

  3. Doug Lamb

    Pierre Elliot Trudeau set up a system in 70’s of immigration in which immigrants integrated into Canadian way of Life, immigrants were self-sufficient, and immigrants entered Canada legally. Under Justin Trudeau’s management, there is no integration into Canadian way of Life, there is a drain on taxpayers money to support them, there is not any organization into the numbers immigrating that the economy can handle financially, there is also desease and illness problem. Not to mention job shortage. of course, there is an increase in Homeless.

  4. Corey Colwell

    Hi John,

    I completely support the idea of taking care of our own people first. I even support the idea of closing our boarders to refuges until such time that we have out own issues on poverty sorted out.

    That being said; I’m struggling with finding a citation to support your claim of “Canada Now Has The Fastest Growing Homeless Rate Worldwide 1 Million+”. You’ve provided no citation, and I can’t seem to find supporting statistics or articles anywhere.

    I suspect we’re on the same page on what can be done, and why if should be done, However as a System Analyst I deal with facts and figures all day, There is plenty of information regarding poverty in Canada, and again, I myself believe it to be of the utmost importance. I personally believe that conflating figures to make a serious issue somehow more serious does little to help the issue. Nor, does it lend credibility to a righteous cause.

    Perhaps going forward you would be so kind as to provide citation for things like this so that when folks like myself are speaking with other people we can use facts to counter the emotionalism that seems to be prevalent in some circles.


  5. Born in Canada, and I am appalled at the idea of turnind down refugees because we have not done a better job of distributing wealth. Really truly wish people would go into details on our solutions. This whole leave people to die thing because we know its right feeling is not going to happen. We must figure it out and act now.

  6. Winston

    Hi John,

    It’s a powerful article you wrote here. It’s definitely an issue that needs to be talked about more. I have a question. Could please tell me where could I find the citations for the article?

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