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A new dating platform has hit the online world. As promised is now up and running. Signing up is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Create account, find matches, then start dating. The site is fully secure and Canund will never use your personal information for profit, as many other sites do, as well as allowing you to set just how much of your information is shared. Take control of your dating life. Their mission is clear in the tagline, “Connect with your Soulmate here, on Canund Dating”.

To register, users start off by selecting a gender, what gender/s you are looking to start a relationship with, and the age range of those you are wanting to date. The next step is to upload a profile picture, as well as your description. It is that simple. The main page has several tabs to choose from, Likes, People I Liked, People I Disliked, Hot or Not, Matches, and Visitors. This allows the user to see their popularity, which can be boosted by using credits gained by purchase. Ways to boost are to increase profile visits, show up first in search results, increase matches, and increase likelihood of likes. On the main page they are also able to see messages and notifications.

When searching for potential dating prospects you are able to go in and narrow search results by age, gender, distance from your location, and looks. Looks include features like height, body type, background (ethnicity/religion), lifestyle (single, married, smoking, drinking), interests, education, and if they own pets. When considering a prospective suitor, you can offer them the chance to have a video or audio conversation with you, which could help both people decide if this is something they want to pursue further before getting invested timewise. You can also conveniently connect Canund Dating with a variety of other social networking platforms.

Canund dating has their free dating platform, as well as a premium feature, which we will look at in a bit. I should mention that Facebook Dating does not have tiers available at different costs, however, with Facebook there have been so many issues surrounding privacy of people’s information and how it is being used. If Facebook is using personal information for their own monetary gain, then membership is not truly free. Canund uses the tiers to prevent the need to share user information, giving the user more control over their personal information.

This brings up the question of what a premium subscription does cost. Good news on that front, a monthly subscription is cheaper than that cup of coffee you grab every morning. A weekly subscription, which would enable a user to check things out before committing to premium on a longer-term basis, only costs $3, monthly only costs $5, Yearly and Lifetime memberships are also available. What does premium get the user? A number of extra features open up. More chat stickers, showing up in the premium bar to ensure more hits, view likes notifications, receive discounts on the boost options mentioned before, display first in find matches, display on top in random users, and create unlimited audio/video calls.

A lot of features and intriguing options within this platform. Worth looking into if a serious relationship is what is desired. Considering the main option is free, it won’t be costly to check out and experiment with. Look into it today at!

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