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CEO OF Canund Social Network Defending You Rights To Freedom Of Speech!

As we close if for the election in Canada here freedom of speech keeps being taken more from the people. The liberal government is trying to put the USA for a social media blackout during the election. All server nodes for our internet across Canada is owned by the USA except for one in ontario. With Facebook interfering in Canadian politics Canund Social Network. Facebook has sided with the liberal party and has found it necessary to kik anyone who goes against them who speaks up for their rights and freedoms.

Scott Bacheldor CEO of Canund Social Network has went to great lengths to provide a free social network platform for everyone to use. As this community keeps growing and making huge progress they will give Facebook a run for their money. The left has already attacked canund from vice news. In doing so they made canund CEO look better as they had a very hard time finding anything they could use against him. Canund Social Network started October 18th 2018, and became a corporation on April 15th 2019.

Canund Social Network Is has all the basics of Facebook And lots more better features. With live talk radio/ audio live broadcasting this will be the first social network to ever accomplish this. This is a must see network you don’t want to miss out on join it for free

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