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“DEATH TO DICTATOR!”: Iranians Protest Against Brutal Regime After Government Admits It Shot Down Airliner

Establishment media depictions of Iran rallying around the brutal regime are shattered as anger erupts.

Iranians are protesting against the brutal regime, with a new wave of anger erupting following the regime’s admission that they shot down a plane carrying 176 people.

As you can see in the video below, brave Iranians are speaking out, even at grave risk to themselves.

The incompetence, brutality, and hatred shown by the Iranian regime has been directed at both the Western world and the Iranian People for years, with thousands of protesters murdered and jailed by the regime.

Clearly, with the regime having to admit to shooting down a plane carrying many Iranian citizens, the Iranian People are outraged, as are Canadians at the loss of so many of our Citizens.

Below, you can see videos of the protests happening in Iran, which even include the chants of “Death to Dictator.”

“VIDEO: Iranian protestors hit the streets reportedly chanting ‘Death to Dictator’ after Iran’s Supreme Leader admitted the IRGC shot down PS752”

“Anti-government protests have started again in Iran after the Iranian regime confessed to its crime.

Now real Iranian people are protesting. I hope the mainstream media does not ignore them like they are ignoring the French people.”

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