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Facebook Is Breaking Laws By Interfering With Canadian Politics

Facebook on September 11, 2018, chose to ban members and admin for a new political party called The Republic Party Of Canada. By doing this they FB is now interfering with Canadian politics they are are not allowed to do this they have already gotten in trouble in the USA for interfering in another country’s politics. It’s sad that FaceBook has this much power but this is fastly changing as there are so many better options now like VK.COM, LinkedIn, Minds, Twitter, And many more. I asked Scott Bacheldor who is the leader of THE REPUBLIC PARTY OF CANADA to do up a video on youtube for us. This will be the best political party in Canada. In the polls, after 2 weeks they came in second place to the Conservatives Party. the Republic has lots of great ways to change Canada for the better. We will put all their info below but don’t let Facebook get away with violating our politics Across Canada as well as international Law USA law.

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