Homegrown Terrorist Group Called Antifa – Saskatchewan

This homegrown terrorist group has now established itself in saskatchewan. Now why should you care well this group in most big cities in Canada have been attacking anyone who has events and police officers. They attacked christian groups in Toronto this summer that where having a peaceful outside worship. They use weapons and always attack people with a group Antifia in the USA is being banned as they armed themselves for War against the US government.

When you see these guys there are not to be treated lightly and make sure you report them to the local authorities at once even if they didn’t attack anyone where a mask in public is against the law. How they recruit is threw the universities and colleges along side prisons. If you have kids going to school make sure you warn them that this group is a terrorist organisation and they should be avoided at all cost. Keep your family safe and make sure you let everyone know about who they really are and that they will not hesitate to attack you or your family in public.

Just for the pick alone on there facebook page they are holding a knife to someone’s throat that in itself should tell any good person that this group needs to be shut down and all members arrested.

We link there page here but be warned it is very violent and graphic page and should be taken down asap.

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