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India To Freeland: No Improved Relations Until Khalistani Extremism Is Addressed

While India could be a valuable ally and counterweight to Communist China, our relations with the world’s most populous democracy are quite bad under the Trudeau government.

India is a nation that shares many of Canada’s values, and could serve as a valuable counter to Communist China just as we have a serious ongoing conflict with them.

But instead, our relations with India are in the tank, and there’s no prospect of that improving.

According to the Hindustan Times“India has informed Canada that there is little hope for improving frosty bilateral relations if Ottawa doesn’t address New Delhi’s concerns about the burgeoning activities of Khalistani operatives and organisations, people familiar with developments said. The message was conveyed by external affairs minister S Jaishankar when he held a bilateral meeting with his Canadian counterpart, Chrystia Freeland, on the margins of the G20 Summit in Japan on June 28, the people said.”

Unfortunately, not only have the Trudeau Liberals shown zero willingness to confront Khalistani extremism, but they actively worked to suppress mention of it in government reports. So, in an effort to gain a few votes, the Liberals are playing games with our national security, and putting our relationship with India at risk at a time when we should be gathering allies in our ongoing confrontation with China.

The report also notes how Andrew Scheer was given a high level of respect when visiting India, a not-so subtle message about how India views Canada’s current governing Liberals:

“There have been virtually no high-level visits since then and Canada’s leader of opposition Andrew Scheer was given a red carpet welcome when he made a trip to India last October. Scheer also held a one-on-one with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, something of a rarity for opposition leaders.”

As a result, it seems clear that the only chance at improving relations between Canada and India is for the Liberals to be thrown out of power.

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