Justin Trudeau Thinks Veterans Are Asking For Too Much, While He Promises To Give People $2000 To Go Camping


Justin Trudeau has been walking around and canoeing, in an effort to put out some images that distract from his blackface debacle.

And he recently made an announcement that a re-elected Liberal government would give some people up to $2000 to go camping.


Think of how much that will end up costing.

Think of whether it makes sense to give people money for something that is supposed to be a private choice – going to a campground.

And then, think about the hypocrisy.

Because Justin Trudeau, the guy promising to give people $2000 to go camping, is the same guy who said Veterans were asking for too much.

That says it all about Justin Trudeau’s priorities.

He expects us to believe that there’s somehow no money for the brave Veterans who served our nation, but there’s enough money for him to make absurd spending promises during the election campaign.

Who could possibly believe anything he’s saying?

This is disgusting.

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