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Maxime Bernier To Hold Press Conference In Ottawa As Conservative

Maxime Bernier To Hold Press Conference In Ottawa As Conservative Convention Begins In Halifax

The suspense is building in the Canadian political world, as Maxime Bernier is scheduled to hold a press conference at 1:00 pm at the House of Commons.

That means Bernier isn’t joining the rest of the Conservative Party in Halifax, leading to speculation about what’s happening.

Here are some of the theories:

Bernier is starting his own federal party.

Bernier is making the jump to provincial politics in Quebec.

Bernier is leaving the Conservatives to sit as an independent.

Bernier is leading a splinter group of Conservatives that will run candidates only in Quebec at the federal level.

Bernier is leaving politics.

The truth is that nobody knows what Bernier is going to announce, hence why the suspense keeps on building.

A radio station in Montreal – 98.5FM – is reporting that Bernier may create his own party, but that has also not been confirmed at this point.

The controversy that led to this point began building when Bernier criticized Justin Trudeau’s “cult of diversity,” and pointed out that Unity is the true source of strength for a country.

Bernier’s comments on diversity and immigration – and the reaction to them – have exposed the deep disconnect that much of the political class has from the Canadian people. To most Canadians, Bernier’s remarks seem like common sense, and polls show he is speaking for a majority of the country. Even many Canadians who originally came here from other countries expressed support for Bernier’s remarks, noting that they came to Canada because of the values our country stands for – and don’t want to see those values watered-down or erased.

And yet, the political class – and even many Conservatives – have distanced themselves from Bernier.

This has created a significant challenge for the Conservatives, as many Conservative MPs are now in the position of distancing themselves from something almost all Conservatives (and most Canadians) agree with.

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