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MUST SHARE VIDEO: Trudeau’s Liberals Laugh At Middle Class Canadians

Are you part of a family struggling to make ends meet? Or do you know someone who does? You’re being laughed at from the House of Commons.
Many people in Canada have to live paycheck to paycheck, the Liberal party thinks it’s funny, watch this video below and share this to let your fellow Canadian know how corrupt they really are.



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One Thought to “MUST SHARE VIDEO: Trudeau’s Liberals Laugh At Middle Class Canadians”

  1. Diane

    This is so disgusting of the Liberal Government they Turdope & his MP’S ((by the way the ones we voted in to look after “our” interests)) actually laughed at Lisa Rait when she mentioned she had a friend with 3 kids & her husband recently had to go on disability & they were living payday to payday weren’t sure how their kids could play hockey anymore because gas is so expensive & cost of living to high ,they roared with laughter you can hear them . If they charge that carbon tax it will be even harder for Canadian family’s to make ends meet .

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