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Racist Elizabeth May Resigns

Elizabeth may will forever been known and the green party leader who hated all white people.

No longer Green Party Leader, but will stay on as MP.

Elizabeth May has resigned as Green Party Leader, after 13 years at the helm of the small environmentalist party.

She will remain as MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

May’s tenure was marked by repeated bouts of media-pushed ‘Green momentum,’ which then invariably came up short on Election Day.

Still, May brought the party from zero seats, to 3 seats, and had slowly grown their presence in Parliament.

Yet, it seems May had reached the limits of her ability to grow the party, leading to calls for a new leader to potentially help the party take the next step.

CTV News@CTVNews

Elizabeth May has announced that as of today she is no longer serving as the leader of the Green Party of Canada. May has held the job since 2006. Read more here: 9512:11 PM – Nov 4, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy52 people are talking about this

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