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Social Media Alternative Canund Experiences Explosion In New Members

It’s true that mainstream social media like Facebook is going into a terminal spin. Something we call the MySpace cycle where a site stops attracting cutting-edge users and gets the daytime television watcher crowd instead, users flee these sites like lifeboats from the Titanic, looking for new virtual homes. As Facebook punishes it’s users for using its own features new doors are swinging wide open for alternative social media networks like Canund.

To address this need, social media alternatives have arisen, offering roughly the same experience you get on mainstream sites but without the pervasive censorship, and of course without the selling of user data and rampant, algorithm-driven intrusive advertising.​

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Among these new contenders is Canund, which has recently experienced a membership boom most likely due to its friendliness to anyone values free speech to express themselves. And of course its pro-creator and pro-mechant attitude. Canund wants its members to be successful it what ever they do unlike Facebook whose business model almost solely relies on selling user data. Canund encourages members to purchase ad space on it’s network for very reasonable prices unlike Google adwords or Facebook. When ad space is purchased you can be confident that your material will be place appropriately though out the network and or course with out any censorship. You can purchase ad space if you need it here. You’ll need an account first but don’t worry no ID is required hence your information is not for sale. 

Canund has a wide variety of features that include but are not limited to member groups, pages, events, dating, and even free classifieds that will make you feel right at home. Guess what? They already have an app and you can get it here

Founder and CEO of Cunand Scott Bacheldor told us, “I created this network because I was sick and tired of the way big tech companies treated and continue to treat their members. I want to do things right and have fun doing it. It’s a pleasure of mine to serve the public and I am ready to jump in feet first and roll with the punches.” 

We were fortunate to get a few minutes from founder Scott Bacheldor who offered up the news on Canund, its user base, and its plan.​


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