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‘Wexit’: The Truth Behind Separation

A break-up of Canada is a real possibility today, but not from where the world has usually come to expect it. While it has long been known that Quebec has frequently threatened to leave the Confederation of Canada, it is now the Province of Alberta where the loudest voice for separation is being heard in a movement that is being called ‘#Wexit’, a portmanteau of ‘West’ and ‘Exit’, echoing ‘Brexit’. While the name suggests all of Western Canada, it is in Alberta where we see this movement growing strongest. Alberta…

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Western Canada Gains A Voice Through Canund

Western Canadians have been feeling the crackdown of late from Prime Minister Trudeau and his Liberal Party. Voices have been silenced as the Canadian Government announced in November 2018 that they would be using tax dollars to bail out CTV and CBC news networks. They have also used government money to pay $100,000,000 to the Facebook data firm’s Christopher Wylie, a whistleblower. The money was used by the platform’s research bureau. Basically, what this part of Facebook does is assist political parties win elections by abusing their access to people’s…

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Ford Motor Company Cutting 450 Jobs At Oakville Assembly Plant

Production of Ford Flex & Lincoln MKT to be ended. There’s more bad news for Canada’s auto sector, with the Ford Motor Company announcing the elimination of 450 jobs at the Oakville assembly plant. Both the Lincoln MKT and the Ford Flex will be discontinued, according to an announcement by the company reported by Reuters: ‘“We will stop building the Ford Flex at the end of November. Lincoln MKT production ended earlier this month,” said Kelli Felker, manufacturing & labor communications manager at Ford.” Canada’s auto sector has been struggling, with…

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Vice News vs Vice’s Intellectual Dishonesty and Absence of Ethical Journalism

Re: ‘This ‘Uncensored’ Right-Wing Facebook Clone Allows Racism But Not Nudity’, By Mack Lamoureaux; Dated 25, Apr, 2019, by Vice News recently approached us with apparent interest in We answered some questions and had a pleasant interaction… or so we thought. Later they released this particular abomination they passed off as news at our expense. The article linked above I think is a great example of how a private media agent abuses the privileges of the Free Press. First I will go over basic ethics in journalism.…

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