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The Leader Of ISIS Has Called For Attacks On Canada

The Leader Of ISIS Has Called For Attacks On Canada, Here’s What You Need To Know

Over the past few years, the area that ISIS controls in the Middle East has greatly been reduced. But, the terrorist organization still remains a threat to the world as a whole.

Part of the success of ISIS has been its ability to use the Internet to encourage individuals from around the world to attack the country they live in.

Now, the purported leader of the terrorist group has called for attacks to take place in Canada.

In a recently released audio recording, the apparent leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has called on followers of the organization to carry out attacks around the world, including in Canada.

In the 55-minute recording, he calls for a wave of various kinds of attacks such as stabbings, bombings and vehicular attacks similar to the one Toronto saw earlier this year.

Al-Baghdadi is asking his followers to, “trust in God’s promise and His victory,” and says that “with hardship comes relief and a way out.”

ISIS has reportedly claimed responsibility for attacks in Canadaover the years, most recently the Danforth shooting in Toronto, but police have not found any hard evidence linking the terrorist group to the crime.

Al-Baghdadi has not been seen in public since 2014. This is the first recording he has apparently released in almost a full year.

The last one was on September 28th, 2017.

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