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Ukraine Investigating Whether Crashed Plane Was Hit By Iranian Missile

At this point, it is one of a number of potential theories being investigated.

Multiple reports are emerging that Ukraine is investigating whether the downed Ukrainian International Airlines plane was shot down by an Iranian anti-aircraft missile.

63 Canadians were killed when the plane crashed.

The head of Ukraine’s national security council Oleksiy Danylov says investigators want to search the wreckage of the plane for possible missile fragments.

That follows unconfirmed reports that fragments of Tor surface-to-air missiles were found at the site.

According to a CBS News report“transportation correspondent Kris Van Cleave reports that holes in some of the wreckage at the crash site have drawn comparisons to damage done to the Malaysia Air flight that was shot out of the sky over Ukraine more than five years ago.”

The information was revealed in a Facebook post by Danylov, a translation of which is below:

“Today, the meeting of the representatives of Iran, including Iranian ísao is the international civil aviation organization. Learn different versions of the sudden fall of the plane, among the main:

– the affected plane of the aa missile missile, such as the Sam “Thor”, because the information about the detection of the shards of the Russian missile near the

– collision with uav or other flying object;

– collapse and explosion of the engine for technical reasons;

– explosion inside the plane as a result of terrorist act.

The commission includes specialists who participate in the international investigation of the attack of Russian servicemen on the Malaysian “Boeing” Mh17-17 on July 17, 2014 in the air space of Ukraine, as well as in the expert Which hit the Malaysian plane. As it is known, our experts have shown a high level of professional in this case.”

 Данілов: “Вивчаємо версію ураження українського “Боїнга” зенітною ракетою російського ЗРК “Тор” і маємо намір шукати уламки ракети”

До складу комісії щодо катастрофи літака МАУ в Тегерані включено фахівців, які беруть участь у міжнародному розслідуванні атаки російських військовослужбовців на малайзійський “Боїнг” МН-17 17 липня 2014 року.

Секретар РНБО Олексій Данілов у коментарі для Цензор.НЕТ повідомив:

“Сьогодні вночі, згідно з рішенням президента України Володимира Зеленського державна комісія з розслідування катастрофи “Боїнга” компанії МАУ прибула в Тегеран. У складі групи 45 осіб, це представники 12 міністерств і відомств.

Disturbingly, Iran is refusing to hand over the black boxes from the crash, making it appear they have something to hide.

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