WATCH: Trudeau Grilled After Trying To Blame Scandals On “We”

“We or you?”

It appears some journalists are starting to get tired of Justin Trudeau attempting to blame all of his scandals on “we,” rather than taking responsibility himself.

Trudeau was recently interviewed by Dawna Friesen of Global News.

Friesen asked Trudeau, “You were found guilty twice of ethics Violations, what have you learned?”

Trudeau responded by saying “we have more to do.”

But Friesen wasn’t having it:

“We, or you? You keep talking we, but these ethics violations were you.”

Friesen summed it up perfectly.

Canadians didn’t wear blackface. Trudeau did.

Canadians didn’t violate ethics laws. Trudeau did.

Trudeau’s repeated effort to spread blame for his own actions is appalling, and shows that he has no leadership qualities whatsoever. It’s good to see him finally get called out for it.

You can watch the moment below:

“You were found guilty twice of ethics Violations, what have you learned?

Trudeau: “We have more to do”

“We or you? YOU Keep talking we, but these ethics Violations are YOU”

He can’t handle a string women grilling him!

He’s gotta go!

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